Using a design/build delivery process our company combines the best aspects of undertaking project management, professional skatepark design and construction development

all under one roof


This method of delivery insures the most economical and efficient

project delivery to our clients








Our design process involves different aspects of structure, innovation, functionality, site sensibility and materials to offer our clients and user groups a facility that surpasses their expectations. When building, we consult our clients with a variety of different materials that will meet their needs and suit their budget.

We work closely with our clients to perfectly conceptualise the project at an early stage. There is continuous estimation during the development stages of the design, moreover we also provide accurate construction costs and schedule work as soon as possible.

Our 3D AutoCAD design programs enable us to create accurate, three-dimensional scale representations. Also, it allows us to understand the layout and functionality of a skatepark, the overall aesthetic of the park and its integration into an existing site.

We design skate environments for district councils, schools, private firms, backyards and we offer skatepark consultancy services for parks and multi-use spaces. 


We are committed to designing environments that connect people with the community and facilitate a better lifestyle.


Our company follows a construction procedure that has proven to be effective and well organised through years of working and developing thriving skateparks. Our commitment, expertise, and knowledge offer a superior product to our clients.

The build/design approach can be overlapped offering both construction and design within a single contract. That being said, the client is able to initiate the whole construction and design process by contracting one single firm that is committed to the success of the project. This will help strengthen and reduce financial risk.


The condition of the riding surface is extremely important because falling is certain in action sports. We provide different solutions to protect, restore and upkeep the concrete surfaces to maintain the best possible condition, offering the concrete long-term protection against the abrasion it receives.


The cost of maintaining concrete is low, and is essential not to be neglected. When skateparks age over the years, the cement layer can degrade in areas due to heavy usage, as a result leaving uneven patches on the surface layer. Using our renovation process, we are able to restore old skateparks and make the concrete surfaces appear new again.  

We also offer structural repairs, preventative maintenance, miscellaneous repairs and upgrades when necessary. Our precise and smooth process keeps parks safe and fun for user groups to enjoy riding in the years to come.